Episode 58

Published on:

3rd Oct 2023

The Flow: Episode 58 - Podcasting Q&A!

58 : The Flow: Episode 58 - Podcasting Q&A!

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In this episode of The Flow, Katie and Doc answer questions from our live studio audience. You can always email your questions into us at flow@ecamm.com or join the Ecamm Discord at https://ecamm.tv/discord

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About the Podcast

The Flow
Let's go with The Flow.
Have you ever wanted to know how to launch, produce, and promote a video podcast? There are lots of ways to get started, but to really succeed, you need to get into the Flow of it.

Welcome to The Flow. Created by Ecamm and hosted by Doc Rock and Katie Fawkes, this weekly show will take you step-by-step through the process of video podcasting. Our focus is on building efficient and effective workflows so that your content shines.

Join us Tuesdays at 12pm Eastern on YouTube and subscribe and listen on your favorite podcast platform.

About your hosts

Katie Fawkes

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Katie Fawkes is the Director of Marketing at Ecamm Network where she gets to work alongside some of the most amazing live streamers, podcasters, presenters, and content creators out there, helping them reach their goals and grow their business using video marketing and live streaming.

She’s been working in the world of Marketing for her entire career and the coolest thing about her is that she keeps backyard chickens.

Doc Rock

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As the Community Manager at Ecamm Network, Doc is a Creator on a serious mission to remove the friction of the creation process. His 4-decade career expands over several industries, including TV, Radio, Film, and Podcasting. Intently focused on making content creation accessible to all skill levels, audiences love Doc's practical strategies they can apply personally and professionally.

Oh, did we mention that Doc is from Hawai'i? Why does that matter? Well, it means he brings a lot of sunshine and the "Aloha Spirit" with him everywhere he goes.